The new installation script

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The current installation options

A first major step in the dissemination of the pool control was achieved on September 15, 2020. In close cooperation with TobyTetzi and Moers, the Detailed Installation Guide of the Poolarino Pool Control was created. This was already a big step, but the instructions are, everyone must admit, but somewhat complex and cumbersome. Because I was of course also aware of this, I looked for alternatives. So on December 19, 2020 the possibility followed to download the pool control as a completely finished image. Since I am still uncertain here, however, about the redistribution of the operating system including the packages installed by me, a new, uncomplicated alternative had to be found. The last months were then again extremely time-consuming (private/professional) and so I could only a few weeks ago again begin to devote myself in my spare time to the new installation method.


The installation of the pool control by script

In my search for alternatives, I looked at various options. In any case, the installation methodology should be able to be performed by laymen and completed in as short a time as possible. The choice fell on a simple shell script. You just enter a command on the command line and the rest happens as if by magic. In a shell script the commands are executed one after the other, which are necessary to install the Poolarino pool control. The cumbersome changing of the IP address is also omitted and so the pool control is ready for use in no time!

The installation instructions of the Poolarino pool control

  1. You need a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 and install on it Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS in the 64-bit variant. Then open the file usercfg.txt, add dtoverlay=w1-gpio in a new line at the bottom and save the file. Then off with the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and off we go!
  2. We connect via SSH and go to the directory tmp with the command cd /tmp. Then we download the current install script from git with sudo wget and make it executable with sudo chmod +x
  3. Now we just need to run the script with sudo ./ If you get the error message "Please wait for the system updates to complete and then try again!", just wait 5 - 10 minutes and then try again.
  4. That's it! Finally, you will be shown at which address you can now reach the pool control - have fun!


You see, this is much more straightforward than the page-long installation instructions that have existed to date. Unfortunately, it always takes a moment until everything is ready, but now you can easily test and try it at any time. Soon another script will be released, with which you can easily update the pool control. As soon as this is available, I will inform you of course :) . Have fun trying it out!

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