What is Poolarino®?

Du wolltest schon immer wissen, was ein Pool kostet? Hier gibts alle Infos -> Ein Überblick über alle anfallenden Kosten beim Poolbau
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In 2019, it was for me and my girlfriend so far: After we already had a lot of fun in 2018 with a pop-up pool from Aldi for then 100€ we have decided in 2019 to raise the project pool a little larger. In addition to a large Intex Frame Pool with the dimensions 549cm x 274cm x 132cm, a 20m2 solar thermal system from the company Dolphi-Ripp® was purchased. I had absolutely no idea about building a pool and wanted to do all the necessary work myself or with the help of friends. So I began to familiarize myself deeply with the subject by looking at various articles and videos on the Internet. Quite a few hours and days flowed into the project, partly I stood in the garden until late at night, worked on the piping and electrical system and suffered various failures (details can be found in this photo album -> Poolbau - Chronik von A - Z).

During the construction plagued me again and again thoughts around the topic of pool control. I had looked at various solutions on the net, but none could meet my requirements in total. I wanted to have a visually appealing interface in addition to all the functionality that such a pool control brings with it. The times of Windows 95 are long gone. Since I like to tinker and program in my spare time (as a hobby), the first results were quickly visible after a short collection of ideas. Based on a Raspberry Pis and various sensors, the first version of the Poolarino® pool control was created, so to speak, and this is how the good piece looked:

The old optic of the poolarino® poolcontroller

So what is Poolarino®?

As soon as the first prototype of the pool control system was finished, it was clear that it would be a pity to let the system run only in our garden. I was not the only one who was looking for a functional and attractive pool control software. In various forums on the Internet I met like-minded people which then led me to create this site and call the software Poolarino®. After some preparation, this page went online in June 2019. In parallel, I have refined the pool control again and again, further developed and filled the page here in some areas with life. In the meantime, there are far more than 1000 hours of work in this project. In addition to the forum, in which you can exchange information on all matters relating to the topic of pools, there is of course also the possibility to optionally download the pool control or install it yourself.

How does the Poolarino® pool control system work?

The Poolarino® pool control requires at least a Raspberry Pi 3 and an 8Gb SD card. If you can meet these requirements, you can easily install the pool control at your place. Select the best installation method for you from this article Die aktuellen Installationsmöglichkeiten and the Poolarino® pool control is ready for use in no time!

How much does the Poolarino® pool control system cost?

The Poolarino® pool control is free of charge!

What does the Poolarino® pool control system look like?

Pictures of the pool control can be found in this album:

What's next for Poolarino®?

That is indeed a good question. We are currently just before the start of the quasi third season of this site. There is a clear increase in the number of visitors and since there are always exciting starting points and discussions in the forum, various adjustments from you have already been incorporated into the pool control. To be on the safe side I have protected the term Poolarino® and to give even more people access to this system I am working in parallel on an English translation of the articles and contents of this site. Today alone I spent 6 hours on this project ^^ !

I continue to have great fun interacting with all of you and take to heart every post you make here on the site. Suggestions or criticism are always welcome and I try my best to work out a solution that works for all of you.

Well, what remains to be said.... actually nothing. :) I wish us all a great swimming season 2021 and I am looking forward to any feedback from you!

With sunny greetings